Affirmations cure my anxiety

Affirmations cure my anxiety

Published: May 2, 2023, by Tyger

Whenever I am facing a challenge, I overcome the uncertainty of the outcome by encouraging myself. Reciting affirmations is a reliable way to cure my anxieties.

To get rid of self-sabotaging thoughts, I speak positive words to myself. I am my most reliable reminder of all that is good about me. When I think back to my successes, I find many positive experiences to be proud of. Those are reassuring to me.

Each morning, I repeat three different affirmations while I look at myself in the mirror.

As I recite these words, I start to believe in myself. I see a person who has the capability to achieve greatness. My face lights up with excitement because my words inspire me to persevere without worrying.

I ignite an inner joy as my words start to become my reality. I see the role that affirmations play in encouraging positive thinking.

Saying them at work results in the same outcome. I avoid feeling backed into a corner because I convince myself that I have what it takes. I know that I am capable of hitting important milestones.

My favorite affirmation reminds me that I am enough even without validation from others. I know that being happy with myself is the only validation that is important.

Today, I promise to love and support myself by repeating positive sentiments each morning. I reduce anxiety and feel peaceful because I am comfortable with who I am and what I am capable of doing.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are some affirmations that I recite to myself?
2. What are some things that I get anxious about? How can affirmations help?
3. What impact do affirmations have on my mood?
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